Windows 7 - Only 1 program

On my HP Laptop, I went to view a link on facebook and it loaded up Media Player Centre.

Now that is the ONLY program that loads, its like no matter what I click on - Media player centre loads up!

I went to system restore - no luck as in, it only has 1 day old restore and this happened 3 days ago now.

I went into repair mode, nothing to repair. It told me to boot into windows and reinstall windows 7 - I have just tried that, and media player centre loads up, so I can't access the DVD.

Should I just install a fresh clean copy? I really don't want to do that. But that's all I can think of right now.

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  1. try running malwarebytes and see what comes up...
  2. ...assuming it lets you!
  3. Can't install anything. Just loads up that bloody Media Player Centre.... gah!
  4. Can you get into safe mode (f8) and run malwarebytes from there?
  5. I have been into safe mode, where I can access a few more options but no, it still doesn't allow me to do anything.

    I last had this problem when my windows 95 went bad, which was cured by re-installing it. It is a very annoying problem.

    Most symbols on the computer are of Windows Media Centre - so its like a default opening program, but I cannot use any other options to change it. It just loads it up every time.
  6. Try going into msconfig & disable the Media Centre. Lets hope msconfig doesn't open media centre ...
  7. everything thats an Executable opens Media Centre, so there is a no go with msconfig.

    Totally annoying. Currently I have reinstalled it on another partition.... but very annoying indeed.

    So I am now running virus/malware scans on the computer.
  8. go in uninstall/install programs and then on the left there is something I don't remember the name , you click a link that disable/able program from running.
  9. Well at the end of the day, i Had to reinstall windows again...
    which sucked but what can I do.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
  10. I understand that you already resolved this issue by reformatting but I wanted to give you an idea for a fix if this happens in the future.

    It seems as though there is a background program intercepting .exe files when launched and instead launches the media center. My best guess would be to shut down any unnecessary applications using task manager in attempt of closing the program that is causing the interceptions.

    Another idea (although not fully recommended) would be to locate the media center folder and delete it. This can create issues with the registry but media center cant launch if its not there :P The malware intercepting the launchers will probably still be existent however.
  11. I didn't reformat, but i did run malware bytes and an anti-virus scan with Comodo, and nothing was infected.

    As I did state earlier it once happened to me with win95 only one program kept on loading up and it was resolved with an install over the top.

    Because of the way this was working, most of the controls didn't work, not even system restore or anything like that because media centre would load up.

    Windows was installed on the second partition then I scanned everything and all was clean. The existing windows with the fault is still installed, but only because I am still playing with it.

    Thanks again for the suggestions
  12. I just had the exact same thing happen on my laptop. I recently upgraded to windows 7 and all was working ok and now almost everything I try to open just opens Media Center. Did anyone find out how to fix this without re-loading 7? Any idea about what causes this?

    Thanks for any suggestions
  13. Hi,
    Sorry you have the same problem.

    The CURE is Reinstall Windows.

    Nothing else will do. I spent hours/days looking for a solution and this was the ONLY thing.

    Save time = reinstall.
  14. Have you tried downloading malwarebytes. Booting into safe mode right clicking the malwarebytes installer and selecting run as administrator. Just a suggestion may allow you to run a scan.
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