Replacing hdd mainboard


I have ST9500325AS with this info
FW: 0005HPM1

mainboard is probably dead so I.wanred to buy another one.and.replace this one. But I can't find the same info.

I found this one
PN: 9HH134-071
FW: 0011LVM1

so there is a lot similar to this one
can I use this mainboard to replace

thank you
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  1. just buy a new drive
  2. That is ny girfriend laptop and there is a lot of very important data that need to be saved somehow. all of the pictures ever taken, books, colledge stuf. Afcours there is no backup. that is why I am trying to fix it
  3. take it to computer store, they have better equipment to restore the data and you wont risk accidently damaging the drive
  4. I oredere what I planned to. I talked to repar guru. he said it can be done withou any problem. I will let you know when I assamble new part
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