CPU problem?

I have a amd xp 1700+, win 98se, Asus A7n266-vm/aa it has been running for a couple months, i havent really had many problems with it except this one.

When I leave my computer on for awhile (15-30min) just sitting there or running a program that does not take much processor power it will suddenly change from 1.47 Ghz to 300 Mhz? Is this a processor powersaver thing or some other problem?

Is there any setting or program I could dn/l to turn of a powersaving program?
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  1. Sounds like the processor may be throttling down due to a heat issue. If this is the case, you can thank God that AMD's thermal protection actually worked for you.

    Seriously though... check all your fans to make sure they're operating properly. Replace / lubricate as necessary. If you only have one fan, it wouldn't hurt to add at least one more. Best solution is one fan venting out the rear (other than the PS fan) and one fan blowing air into the case from the front.

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