Wants to get rid of messenger pop ups

How do I get rid of the "messenger" query boxes asking me if I want to use MS messenger when I boot into XP?
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  1. If you don't use Windows Messenger, you can delete it using the normal Add/Remove Programs function. The trick is to get it to appear there in the first place, since it is hidden by default.

    You need to edit C:\Windows\INF\SYSOC.INF with Notepad.

    Props to Jiffy for the following:

    >"Under the [Components] heading, you'll see a whole bunch
    >of parameters for various windows applets. Some of them
    >contain the word "hide." Those particular programs, which
    >include windows messenger (msmsgs), Terminal Server,
    >Pinball, and others, are installed on your XP system, but
    >their entries are hidden from and Add/Remove dialog.
    >To remove windows messenger, edit hide out of the line
    >that reads
    >so that it looks like this:
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