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Hi all,

A rather odd issue here.

Everytime I play Day of Defeat:Source (and quit back to Windows 7) I get the strange occurance that when I next get into a UAC 'choice' a language bar appears at the top right hand side of the screen.

I only have one language selected and one keyboard language selected, however in the drop down menu of this particular language bar it gives me the option to select English US, which is not enabled anywhere else on my system.

I've tried everything that I can find on the net to close it once its there but it wont go away.

I've run a virus check and it has found nothing. Once I reboot it is gone...until I next start up DoD.

I'm playing it through Steam so does anyone know why this would occur?

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  1. Does this happen with any other games? Try getting a UAC dialog box while running another Source game like Half-Life 2 or TF2.

    Windows Outreach Team
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