Laptop Buying Advice Please?

1. What is your budget? I hope to spend less than $800 but up to $1000 might be ok

2. What is the size of the laptop you are considering? Nothing Huge. Size isn't important, but it has to fit in my school backpack

3. What Screen resolution do you want? Not crucial

4. Portable or Desktop replacement? A Hybrid of the two. But more portable as I would take it to school and back every day. I am also entertaining the idea of building an eGPU to make it function as a bit of both...

5. Battery Life? 4 hours+

6. Games? I'd like the computer to be capable of running Borderlands 2 on at least medium...

7. Other tasks? Web browsing, music composition (via finale notepad)

8. How much storage? 64 Gb+

9. Specific Sites? Nope

10. How long do you want to keep your laptop? at least 4 years, hopefully 5

11.Optical Drive? DVD drive

12. Brands? No prefrence

13. Country you live in? USA!
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  1. so what's the best for $800, because I don't really want to spend more... And in lieu of buying a specific laptop, what specs should I look for?
  2. thanks a ton! I'll think about it. Does the deal expire?
  3. can it run bf3?
  4. wait, the 700$ or the 775$ can run it?
  5. saw dv4t but not the other one
  6. The Coupon for the DVT-7000 doesn't work. I read somewhere that there were only 2000 available... have they all been redeemed?
  7. I saw the force. It would be AWESOME for what I want/need... but it has no OS and I feel that it would be wrong to get one quasi-legally from the pirate bay... and the SAVE50HP isn't working.
  8. Thanks! I'm gonna buy that laptop then. You're a great help!
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