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This is my first forum post, and I hope I'm putting it in the right spot...

I have a Compaq 8710p laptop that is having an issue charging. When I plug it in to an wall outlet, it doesn't charge, nor will it charge from most surge strips. But, when I plug it into one surge strip in particular, it charges just fine.

This has happened twice not with this laptop, and each time I had to replace the charger to get it going again. I really don't want to keep buying $50 chargers every couple of weeks. Any ideas...?
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  1. How long does the charge last when you can get it to charge? How long have you had the laptop? I'm just trying to rule out whether or not it is a battery issue. When you say "This has happened twice not with this laptop..." do you mean it has happened with other laptops?
  2. Sorry, I typo'd. I meant to say it has happened two times now with only this laptop. I think I may have found the problem though... For the heck of it I updated the BIOS, and it started charging after that. Haven't figure out why yet, but that seems to have done the trick.

    I really appreciate your response. Thank you!
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    You are quite welcome. I'm glad you found a solution.
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