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I have a problem with a HP 530 Laptop. Started with not charging. Found that the charger was supplying 18.5 Volts intermittently. Purchased a new charger, and seemed fine for a short while, then the POWER LED started flashing, and task bar showed “plugged in but not charging”. I tried another charger, 19 volts, and managed to charge the battery 100%. Problem is, the laptop would boot, then switch off after about 20 seconds. Checked all power settings etc. all seemed OK. Windows 7 operating system. Thought it might be the battery, as it is old and didn’t last for very long. Purchased another battery, now the POWER LED flashes all the time. With AC on or off. Laptop does stay on, but battery not charging now.

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  1. Your laptops charging port or other aspects of the power supply system might be damaged.
  2. Can you power it on with the battery removed and the power supply plugged in?
  3. The socket looks to be intact. I haven't opened the laptop up yet. Just tried again, when I plug it in with no battery, the LED goes green, then amber for a few seconds, then goes off. If I try and boot it without the battery, it will start booting, HP screen, then starting Windows, then "clicks" off.
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