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You all know that if you press the Windows key + e, your Exlorer windows will pop up. I would like to do the same thing with Internet Explorer. For an example, if you press the windows key + i key, IE would pop up. You can almost do this by creating a Shortcut to IE and edit the "Shortcut key:" field to an appropriate key combo. But, you can't use the windows key there.

Any suggestions how to do this, IE behaves exacly as Explorer, with different shortcut key's ofcourse :) Windows key + i = IE

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Windows key + r key = Run; Windows key + "Pause Breake" key = System Properties; Windows key + f key = Find(Search)...
I want Windows key + i key = Internet Explorer :)))
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  1. did you realise that internet explorer and exploere are infact the same thing!!!!!!!!

    in the adress bar of explorer type in your internet site.

    e.g. type in (instead of C:/ijsfiasfiafiasi)

    and it will convert itself to IE automatically.

    but if you really want to create a shotcut that goes straight to IE then if you have an icon on your XP desktop then right click it and under properties or somthign you can set a shortcut key all by yourself.

    e.g. any icon on the desktop can potentially havea shortcut key set (but watch out coz i have had programs open while in my animation program becasue i have set shortcut keys to be the same as the hotkeys in my program which is a bummer LOL)

    anyway good luck

  2. <A HREF="" target="_new">WinKey</A>

    Make your own shortcuts. :wink:

    Your arrogance is boring!
  3. I knew the converting part :) But a can't find where in Internet Properties I can set a Shortcut key :/ If I right click om IE I can choose Create Shortcut, and set a shortcut key in the Shoutcut, but that wasen't what I wanted :/
  4. Its not a Shortcut I want...
    Its a "Shortcut key" combo, for example the windows key + i key...
  5. oh god, at least look at it. it doesnt make shortcut as in "perty pichures" it lets you come up with your own key combinations. cs game server -
  6. What exacly do you mean???
  7. ummm... wow
    i mean that program he gave you will let you define what you want any key combination to do. it will do exactly as you have asked. cs game server -
  8. i assume you are using windows XP.

    now on your internet explorer icon on the desktop

    RIGHT CLICK the icon.

    now select PROPERTIES at the bottom of the drop down menu that appears.

    it should have a box that is titled/labeled SHORT CUT KEY, and currently in the box it should have the word "none"

    now click on that area and then hold down whatever keys you want.

    that will now assign the short cut key of your chooseing to open IE.

  9. Unless you choose <b>Classic</b> Start menu, you won't find <b>Internet Explorer</b> icon on Desktop, and it's not the shortcut icon either. Its properties is actually <b>Internet properties</b> so you can't set shortcut key there.
    If you want to set shortcut keys fot it, create a new <b>Internet Explorer</b> icon on desktop by copying its icon in <b><font color=red>Quick Launch</b></font color=red> (usually on the right side of <b>Start</b> menu button) and paste on Desktop.
    Other thing, if you set shortcut keys Windows will always assign combo keys <b><font color=blue>Ctrl+Alt</b></font color=blue> before the key you choose (and you can't use <b>Windows</b> logo key to make shortcut key).

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  10. Quote:
    Its not a Shortcut I want...
    Its a "Shortcut key" combo, for example the windows key + i key...

    WinKey is axactly what you're asking for, Stone. It comes with a lot of predefined shortcut keys all ready to go. One of them is IE. You can create new shortcut keys, or customize the ones that come with it to start whatever program you want.

    Your arrogance is boring!
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