Any Improvement DX7 to DX9

If you have a GF4 MX440 4xAGP ie. DX7 card but you instal to Windows DX9, besides the fact that the card can't use DX9 new graphic options, is there any improvement at all in performance?

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  1. I doubt it, but many newer games require DX9 to be installed anyway.

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  2. Not that i am aware of as any Dx8/9 features have to be done by the software (eg the Kyro2 had software T&L so was slower than a card with T&L hardware when T&L engine was needed)

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  3. The only thing to remember is that DX isn't just for the graphics.

    DX9 will have better audio and networking features too. Always try the latest version of DX to ensure all the parts work well. Only if you experience problems should you roll back ot a previous version IMO.

    Also DX9.0a I think had security issues (leave it to M$ for that!), so at least DX9.0b would be my recommendation.

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