Php 60,000 ($1500) or less for quality gaming laptop

can you give me an advice what laptop to buy for this price (where i don't have to upgrade for the nxt 3years or more and still can play the latest games (BF, crysis, NBA2k, etc) at the highest level without problem?

i first considered MSI GE70, but after reading the review (good and bad), maybe there are still other better laptops and i just have to ask.. i know i can search my query on net but i really dont understand the specs a computer dummy, all i know is to play and use without understanding the specs on my computer..tnx! :)
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  1. Quote:
    Where are you buying it?

    in a computer store here in philippines..?:)
  2. I'd take a desktop for Gaming.

    PC parts list - Suggestion only

    Total: ₱57,775.00 ($ 1394)
  3. Philippines? Try mo to:
    Asus Republic of Gamers Notebook - G55VW (65990.00 Php) sa PCHub

    overbudget nga lang hehe
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