Ednless loop at boot up white or black screen 2-3 seconds turns off then the sam

Hello guys,
My Laptop is a NV79, i5-540M, HD5650,8gb ddr3,64bit win 7 home premium,hm55 chipset,intel ssd 330 120gb

My laptop for about a month on pressing the power button will turn on fan,hdd and turn off immitiedly after 2-3 seconds, then do this for 2-3 times in a loop without pressing any button then turn on ok to windows with no problems and no overheating issues playing intensive games ex BF3 no prob, no performance issues..

Today it turned off and want turn on, it goes on endless loop of white or black screen 2-3 seconds shuts OFF and again (hdd indicator flashing, fan is spinning) . No bios screen no nothing just white or black for 2-3 seconds turns OFF and again the same.

Already tried:
1) Start the laptop without hard drive, without DVD, without battery
2) With an other power supply
3) Only the motherboard with only fan, ram and display
4) tried the trick to discharge residual electricity built up
5) only ac adapter..

Nothing everything the same story

The only thing that changed it was to boot up without RAM and it showed the white screen and stayed on for minutes this time!! (of course no ram no boot but this is a good clue i think it might help you)

Already checked that they are not the problem : hd,dvd,fan,ram,ac adaptor,screen (no invertor led backlit), contacts with something, loose wires basically everything :(

Didn't try CMOS reset.. HELP!!!!
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    I think my co-worker had a problem like this, his CMOS was dead. Tore it apart and bought a 3 dollar battery for it, and voila, it was saved! Not guaranteeing it will solve your problem but CMOS bats are pretty cheap, couldn't hurt to try.
  2. Basically it can only be 3 things because i double checked everything else..
    CMOS, CPU, mobo..
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