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What do you guys think about these 2 laptops MSI GT70 0NC-002US vs Asus G53JW-A1?? I know the ST70 is a newer product but it cost $500 more. Please advise.
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  1. I favor the Asus as Ive had the G73SW 17.3 inch model over a year ago and added a SSD to it and it was top dog and never had any issues with it. Sold it recently as I didnt have a need for it anymore. I cant say much about the MSI lap but I do love their graphics cards and mother boards. I would imagine their laptops are also top notch but I dont care for the orange glow they put out.
  2. MSI products are garbage stick with ASUS
  3. I like MSI laptop because of the cool look + graphic + newer design. But hmm...... $500 more expansive. I need to think twice.
  4. Seems fair. i7-740qm vs i7-3610qm and GTX 460m vs GTX 670m.
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