Have you heard this..6800 Ultra went to 132celcius

Or so the Gainward ExpertTool software said. I installed this Gainward 6800Ultra golden sample about 1.5 months ago. During a testing phase I carefully monitored it for temperature to ensure it wasn't overheating. Idle, it remained between 57c and 60c. I have played to completion Doom3 and Halflife2 observing the highest being 80c. But most of the time it was 73c to 75c. Stability was probably perfect. I say probably, because I did experience 4 or 5 total hangs over the 1.5 months. However, it was not common, or problematic as I completed all the games without any other issues.

But then it happened. Last week, the PC was sitting idle (as it regularly does) and I opened the screen to find the Gainward software had announced that it had stepped down the GPU because of overheating. It read 132c. I opened the PC and felt some of the metal areas and they were not very hot at all. I checked the fan and it appeared to be running. (I couldn’t see it). I tried blowing a floor fan on it and it went to 128c. I rebooted and it was still at around 130c. It was late, so I left it for now.

The next day I prepared for some through testing. The issue didn't return. I left it idle for hours without the temperature growing beyond 59c. The fan was working (as it was the night it happened).

As most of you (and me) were probably thinking, either the fan failed or the temperature sensor was faulty. But the problem didn’t return. I also noted that there were no artefacts or aberrations on screen either when the software reported the overheating, or during subsequent testing.
I have now installed and used without any issues Farcry V1.31.

Has anyone heard of this temperature issue before?

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  1. It used to happen on the FX5800 with 3D screensavers slowing ramping up the speed without enabling the HSF cooling;

    <A HREF="http://www.pcekspert.com/articles/127-1.html" target="_new">http://www.pcekspert.com/articles/127-1.html</A>

    It might be something like that. Do you have a screensaver running? If so disable it (they aren't needed anymore anyways [unless you're hooked up to a Plasma or something]).

    Other than that you may have to check forums like nVnews and see if it's a common problem.

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  2. Yes, I do have a screen saver running. I will disable it. I monitored the temperature with the screen saver running and did not notice any temperature difference in the up direction. In fact, oddly I thought at the time, it appeared to be slightly down. Not much, but it made me feel the screen saver mode was not an issue.

    I did however notice (and the article you pointed to had some similarities) that sometimes the temperature would creep in the up direction ever so slowly. (I noticed this without the screen saver on). As an example it would remain at 59c for 35 mins. But the fraction temperature would step forward 0.250, then back 0.250. However, over time it would step less further back and creep further forward in temperature. If this same pattern continued for many hours, it would be a problem.

    Another thought, is that the whole number figure remaining static for such extended periods, (59.250c, the 59 part), would fool me into thinking the temperature was stable when in fact it was very very slowly increasing. As an example, if you looked at the temperature and it was 59c, then returned in half an hour and noticed it was still 59c, then you may also conclude that the temperature had stabilised at 59c.

    Anyway, I will see how it goes now and carefully watch for the slow steady increase. If any results surface, I will post them for those who are interested. Thanks for you response.

  3. You could always put in a bag/pouch of microwave popcorn next to your gpu. Since it'll begin popping at 150C, you'll be able to enjoy snack while you figure out where the dang heat problem is originating from!

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