Fujitsu LifeBook AH-531-A and gamming

just wanted to ask, is Fujitsu AH-531 capable of running new games? for example Call of Duty MW3, Battlefield 3 or games coming up in future (like medal of honor)

CPU: Intel 2310M Core i3 2.1 GHz - Cache 3 MB - BUS 1066 MHz


HDD: 500 GB 5400RPM

GRAPHIC: Nvidia GeForce GT525M 1024 MB UpTo 2048 MB

thank u all
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  1. Yeah, a mix of low & medium settings (mostly low I think).

    I have a nVidia GT 550m in my laptop (which is much more powerful than the 525m) , but I only set the graphics up to medium otherwise the performance drops too much for games to be playable at 1366x768 resolution.
  2. so it seems GT 525M is not that good! i was heard its gonna be something powerful.
    but, what do you think about GeForce GT 620M ? is it better?


    that GT 525M was for a Fujitsu laptop (made in germany), but this GT 620M is for Acer which i think is chinese :(
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