URGENT: how to install PRESP1 XP on a >137GB drive

I just got a 200gb drive
my bios supports 48bit lba
I know my XP cd does not, I need to install SP1, but I have to isntall xp first.

I tried creating a 60gb primary partition
then installing windows to it.
then after installing sp1, the system rebooted, and wont start up
it displays the background for about 1 sec and reboots.

What is the proper procedure for installing XP using a PRE SP1 cd on a drive bigger that 137GB?
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  1. Unless you need to NOT have SP1 installed, you could just create an SP1 CD.

    Check out Bart's page at http://www.nu2.nu/bootcd for details. You need the original CD of course, but everything else is freely downloadable and linked to from his site.
  2. Oh by the way, he doesn't have the best server in the world. If the site is down, just keep trying every few hours; it'll be up eventually.
  3. It has been awhile since I installed XP but won't the install disk detect the HD then partition (if not already) it and then format it with NTFS?? I have a 100gig HD and Xp didn't give me any options for formatting it used NFTS I believe because of the size of the HD.

    Best to you,
  4. sure I was in a hurry so I didnt have time to do that or remember how.

    I just installed xp
    then the first thing I did was install the atapi patch to update the driver
    then I added the regkey for 48bit lba and rebooted

    everything looks good now, but I have a new problem
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