ATI x800xl - different companies

So I've finally decided that the ATI X800XL is what I want for a new video card.

However, I've noticed that there are multiple companies using this chipset (ATI of course, but also Rosewill, Powercolor, Gigabyte, Connect3D).

As far as I can tell, ther arent really any differences between them, except price (ATI & Gigabyte being the cheapest). I don't care much about bundled software.

Is there any reason I should pick one or the other (e.g. ATI might be more reliable for their own chipset) or just go with the cheapest possible?
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  1. Stay with a company you trust, not one like PowerColour.
    Built by ATI boards are fine, I have one, X800XT PE.
    Gigabyte is good also.
    Mainly, check the specs, some will lower or raise memory and GPU clock, some use different or no heat spreaders.
    Then look at price and warranty.

    If all are at same clock speed, performance will be similar.

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  2. If Ati's are cheap I'd go with them. They have an awesome warranty.

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  3. Also check out the Graphics card buyers guide FAQ at the top of this forum for more info on mfrs...

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