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i'm new to this site and i like to inquire a laptop that can run games like skyrim, metro2033 ,gta4, crysis and the like at medium settings at the most under 700. any suggestions? sorry for my bad english
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  1. nice specs for a budget laptop :) but make it a little easier to find because i can't find those in my country :sweat: btw i don't care about other specs all i want is a laptop under 14 inch with good gaming capabilities resolution doesn't matter and the design
  2. Hi what country do you live in? Here in the US they have a lot of different laptops for under 700 that are good. The graphics card matters the most. A Geforce GT630m is a good budget card and cand be found at as low as $500 laptops. If You can get an HP laptop, go for the HP DV6z on HP direct site. They can be customized for ~700 with a great processor (Amd A10-4600m) and also great dedicated GPUS (AMD 7670m crossifre or the 7730m). The 7730m is a very powerful processor. For it and the A10 I believe is $500 bucks stock price plus 75 for the graphics card and + 100 for the processor. Get that or the 7670m which is 25 dollars cheaper.

    for 14 inch the DV4t-5100 is $500 and you can get a good GT630m with it for 700.

    14 inch is harder.... Do you want 1366 x 768 on the 14 inch or higher resolution? A 15 inch would be much more powerful though.

    If you have or newegg then look for AMD A10 processor or deidcated graphics like GT630m or 7670m or anything of the like. maybe GT540m or 555m or 550m
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