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In winamp how do i get the visualization to go faster? Is it purely CPU? or are there some visualizations that use my graphics card? because if it gets full screen it goes like 10fps and i would like to use the power of my 6800GT to make that shite fly without disableing all the features that make it look pretty.

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  1. i know i can change the amount of CPU power i use, but if set too high it wont even play the music.I was wondering if there was a way i could get my video card to render the visuals and not my cpu.

  2. Talk to the guys that made it I am sure there is a .cfg file somewhere that would allow you to move the effects over.

    -Jeremy Dach
  3. Where the hell did you get that from?
    I am using a BFG 6800GT with a A64 that allowed?

    A P3-500? lol, thats funny my computer sitting on my floor thats mostly gutted is

  4. I went into the forums and read about 40FAQ pages to find the answer.
    Now i am no programmer so forgive me if i mess somehting up.

    The way the AVS is set up it uses a lot of Programming lang. that the video card can't handle. apparently graphics cards are dumb(they said that in the FAQ about 50times). So switching it over would require someone to recode the whole program and it would be VERY VERY complicated to do that and then the people who create the presets would have to work harder to build the presets. A program called milkdrop which is a plug-in uses the video card but has a preset limit of 30fps.

    This is kind of how i see it.....The Winamp people are bascially saying to make something that actually can run full screen and look super good they would need to do a lot of work and they dont want to. But last i checked you needed to do a lot of work to make anything worth doing. Who in the hell says something like 'well everyone wants it, and we could do it, but it would be more work then what this solution.'?!? Thank god other people don't say the same thing, yes my car doesn't really HAVE to have A/C, heat, power steering, or things like that.....and even though it made more work for them to design and build they still did it.

    I dislike winamp now. Thinking about switching, but to what?

  5. Use media player in windows.

    -Jeremy Dach
  6. I dont like media player because it seems like it uses a lot of system resources (even when minimized into my taskbar) and it doesn't seem to be designed for streamlineing into my desktop either.

  7. Ill wander about on the net for you.

    -Jeremy Dach
  8. <A HREF="" target="_new">Here you go.</A>

    I have to goto work I will look for more a bit more updated than DX3.0 but its a start.

    -Jeremy Dach
  9. I actually already have that....but the problem is that i wanted to switch those visualizations exclusivly to my video card and with the options increase quality. I can run about 50% of my screen size at half res. and pixal doubling. SO bascially i am running something at full quality at about 1"x1"

    I think i have kind of givin up on the idea of redering it better.

    Thanx for the help, but i think i will just suffer until someone makes something better.

  10. Well i got better results....i have finally gotten around to messing with the settings of MilkDrop. If i set the fps to unlimited i get right at 58-62fps at full screen full res. (1280x1024) Some of the presets suck but some arn't bad. Once i went through and ranked them and then told it to only play the high ranked ones it works VERY well.

    Now i have one monitor being all pretty while i surf the web with the other.....Good times.

  11. Well maybe your computer isn't running properly if Windows Media Player is using to much resources. I have Windows Media Player 10 and it only uses 12kb of RAM and 00% of the CPU. Maybe if you are still usiing WMP9 you should update to 10.

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  12. First off i have WMP10. 2ndly when its running its not using a lot of resources. but when i go from minimized(into my taskbar) to full size to mess with song lists or whatever and back down to minimized it uses quite a bit.

    With Winamp i can mess with song selection, make and modify playlists, mess around with all the settings and all without creating a slowdown. Also with Winamp i can see what i want to see and i can change it. I see title, artist, track # song length, count down to songs end and total song length. With WMP10 i dont get that much without maximizing it.
    Also WMP10 isn't all that pretty looking. Its clunky. Winamp sits on my desktop 24/7 and i need something small streamlined and that is useful enough to do everything without taking up a lot of space or resources.

  13. it all depends on the window size and the settings.

    I got it kinda fied. If i max everything i get 380fps and thats a little fast for music and usually makes a huge i cap it at 60 and thats good for me.

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