Laptop dead?

So basically if I turn my laptop on nothing appears on screen, although if I listen carefully I can still hear the fan running (which is a good sign?). I've plugged a VGA cable into the side and connected it to my monitor yet nothing was displayed. How could I further diagnose the problem and/or fix it?

Also, if it is beyond repair what would I need in order to transfer the data from the laptop HDD to my desktop? Cheers
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  1. Take out the battery, wait for 10 minutes and start it with AC adapter only.
    Transfer of data to your desktop is easy, as long as both are not to old. Take the disk out of the laptop and connect it to a SATA port inside your desktop.
  2. I've tried the thing with the battery before and nothing happened
  3. Hi :)

    Laptop repair shop for diagnosis...

    All the best Brett :)
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