Help picking a 17" laptop for editing (and have one in mind)

Hey guys, I've been trying to decide on a laptop for video/photo editing (mostly using the CS5 or later suite), running AutoCAD, etc. No gaming.

As for particulars, it has to be 17"+, and looks ARE important.. don't want to have to spend years staring at something I don't like. The simpler/more modern, the better. Aluminum is nice. Budget is about $1250 max, give or take.

I'm in Canada as well, so that makes things a little tricky buying online. I try to avoid it as anything coming across the border tends to incur heavy duty and brokerage fees.

The laptop I've been leaning toward is this Asus:
Asus N76VZ-DS71 on

I've also looked at this HP - HP Pavilion M7 17.3" - but it's a little glossy for me and the reviews don't seem as favorable.

What do you guys think? Anything else out there that's a better bet?
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  1. What about this two?

    This one has a bit older i7 and video card, the video card is a bit more powerful than the other and this laptop has more ram.

    Slightly better processor i7.
  2. Hi Hiii, hah,

    Thanks for the response. Specs look good, the MSI laptops are just a little too funky looking for me though. Guess I'm difficult. Didn't even realize there was a though, so thanks for pointing that out.
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