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periodically I go to start my toshiba satellite laptop and the screen is black. I attach an external monitor and after a variable amount of time, from 1 to 10 minutes, the screen comes on and everything works normally. I don't think it happens if I have left it on sleep mode but it does happen after a full shut down and after being in hibernate - but never consistently. Anyone got any ideas?
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  1. How old is your laptop? if it is old it could be The Inverter or back light itself going bad. The best way to tell is to take a flashlight and point it at the screen, and see if it is displaying any thing. If there is actually something there it will be hard to see, and your best bet is t0 get a new laptop. You can replace the Inverter or back light but parts can be hard to get (but should be cheap) but replacing them, will be complicated. Taking it someplace will get expensive.
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