win 2k blue screen/recovery console

Ok i boot up one of my laptops and it came up with a blue screen of death with the following error.

0x0000007B(0x8142D030, 0xC000009C, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

NTFS partition.Ok so i figured that the HD has gone bad on it. This screen hits when its 1/2 way through the win2k loading page, the blue bar at the bottom. The main goal is to save as much info as I can , trying not to reformat. I make the 4 boot disks and follow the normal steps to for bootup. There isnt enough space on the HD for another winnt dir to be installed. So i try to do the recovery console and maybe it could be the MBR is messed up, I try a fixboot. Then I rebooted and got a operating system not installed. So now the MBR is messed up. When in the recovery console I try to do a dir and i get this message...
directory of c:\

an error occurred during the directory enumeration.

At this point im about to get the universal recovery tool aka Sledgehammer(its an old 3gig HD so no biggie). So i see if i maybe can copy regedit to a different part of the i try this.

copy c:\winnt\regedit c:\reg

and it gives me access is denied. WTF?? So that is telling me that it knows the info is there but i have an access violation? I even tried to logon but i have no options once i type the logon command.Its like this



Should there be an option for which windows installation you want to select? even tho i only have 1 installed. Pretty much out of all ideas to recover the info on the drive. If someone could help me with the MBR problem too , that would be great. Thanks for taking the time to read this post =)
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  1. One more thing. When i try to make a new folder, like this

    c:\>MD c:\WTF
    i still get Access is denied.
  2. I fixed the MBR but still have all the other problems still :/
  3. did you try chkdsk /r from the recov. cons?

    <pre> \|/
    jlanka (. .)
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