Laptop has 2 trojans can i erase all data on it to get rid of them?

The name says it all, I have 2 trojans on my laptop and I just want to nuke the laptop (erase everything on it with the trojans) I don't care if it get's rid of all the data and I don't want to download any antivirus to get rid of them because everything i'v tried didn't work, Kaspersky virus remover, Malbytes (probably misspelled), and Microsoft Essentials. Please help by telling me if it's possible and how i can do it.
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    Delete all partitions and do a full format (not a quick format) and it will be clean.
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  3. hmmm seems i finally got something to work used EMCO to delete one of them and used Malwarebytes to quarantine the other and everything seems to be back in working order so i guess ill just hold off the wiping for if it ever acts up again (not going to use the laptop for any password sites or sites where i enter any kind of credit card though) thank you though dodgyx666 for the reply
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