Laptop won't recover?!

i have an acer 5542.

I was playing WoW when the laptop just turnt off. Upon booting back up it told me to go through the system repair, the system could not repair itself, so i continued to just do a factory restore. when i click on recovery management nothing happens at all, also when i try to use ALT+f10 it just stops at "please wait a moment" then 15-20 minutes later will start to boot back the system recovery options.

I never made the recovery disc (so stupid of me -___-) so i continued to download a copy of windows 7. tried to boot from cd, but nothing. it won't boot into safe mode, or even make it past the starting windows screen (which has no animation at all, just a black screen with the words on it.) If there is anything i can do, it would be greatly appreciated, also to note, the HDD indicator light will stay pretty much consistently on, only for a few blinks here or there. thinking it could be the hard drive, or the mother board, idk.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Sounds like your hard drive bit the bullet, as far as booting from the DvD make sure to set it in bios to boot 1st in the boot order from DvD or it will not work.
  2. i've made sure that the bios is correct, i have a couple of older laptop hard drives at my parents house, is there any restrictions on hard drives i can use. one is from a gateway and another is from a compaq.
  3. Depends on if you need ide or Sata and if you have the right type of spare.

    If the Bios is set to boot to DvD 1st and you burned DvD is burned correctly it will always atleast boot to DvD unless your PC is toast. It don,t sound like toast it sounds like a bad DvD or wrong bios settings.
  4. idk, ill see if i can get the hard drives and swap them out, really hoping that its nots a brick, which im thinking i might be :( because the dvd is burnt right ://
  5. Try booting from dvd with hard drive removed, wont get far but see if it works, and dont get sneaky and replug it while power is on. Not good.
  6. get an apple just works, lol
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