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Hi, I have a dell latude laptop.
The sound just stopped working!!!
I checked everything, all is switched on and working, you can see the green going up and down on sound bar but you can hear nothing.

Now here is the strange thing...........

If someone skype me I have sound on the laptop. movies and music work 100% but you can not hear the person skyping.

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  1. I am assuming that you have windows 7 or maybe vista.

    if it is windows 7, windows 7 has a really annoying sound stack. I suspect that it is just a setting, you can avoid having to reinstall sound drivers this time. And any other time this might happen.
    go to control panel ->sound->playback devices.

    you should see a list of all playback devices make sure that your "speakers and headphones" says default sound device (not default communication device) if not right click on speakers and headphones, set as default device. this should fix your problem. my best bet is that skype may have reconfigured these settings. My sig. other had this problem when skype was installed.
  2. Checked all the settings as above and all were in order.

    Next step will be to uninstall and re-install sound drivers
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