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Anybody have any idea of what the next generation AGP offerings are going to be? What's going to happen in the low and middle brackets?

Lots of nice machines out there that would benefit from an AGP upgrade.

The loving are the daring!
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  1. NV's got loads of AGP choices now. GF6600GT, GF6800, GF6800GT are all good buys when priced right. And price is an advantage as the 6800 series is still way cheaper in AGP than PCI-e.

    ATI's top of the line X850XTpe just came out in AGP. ATI also has the rialto bridge chip coming out for R430 (X800XL, X800) in AGP. Probably will do X700 also. Beyond that, not sure. R520 had been rumored to be released in AGP and now the latest news possibly is that this won't happen. As for mid-range next gen, not sure if there will be a R530 AGP or not. As far as I know little to nothing is known about it.

    Future Low end AGP? No clue. R9600 pro for under $100 is nice. 256-bit R9800 pro's are down to as low as $150 USD now, man wouldn't that make a nice $100 card. :smile:

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  2. <A HREF="" target="_new">AIW X800XL AGP</A> in stock for $350 for US folks.

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  3. I'm seeing a bunch of nice systems out there that could still be very nice with a good graphics card. Something like an XP1800 or XP2200.. Heck even a P3 1200->1400 with a nice card could play most games that kid play out there.

    Don't have to play "adult" games like "Doom3" with blood, guts, gore and violence.

    Many people like Sims for instance and lots of older games are nice to play too.

    A $100 graphics card would extend the life of those systems and make playing on them a pleasure and a visual experience.

    The loving are the daring!
  4. I like the $100(USD) R9600 pro for such a system. But even a $65 R9550 128-bit isn't too bad. Both are DX9 cards with plenty of power for casual gaming.

    Prices are on the move down again, which is nice. Looking at pricewatch today, there are alot of decent choices in the sub $200 range now. GF6600GT's for under $180, 256-bit 9800 pro's for under $160, BBA R9700 pro for as low as $135, R9600 pro for $92, and 128-bit 9550 for $60.

    I don't know what next generation low end AGP will really be, but it seems it doesn't cost alot to get a decent DX9 card right now.

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