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Hi i am upgrading to win 7 but my pc is a
Core 2 duo e4300 1.9
2 GIGS OF ram
MSI R4670
Biostar P4m900-m7 se

will all of my devices work and will my games still run at there normal FPS.Please help me
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  1. Should be fine. Some games may be slightly slower under Windows 7, but there shouldn't be any major problems.
  2. Make sure that all the drivers for your devices are available for Windows 7, Esp. motherboard drivers.

    From this Biostar Page, No drivers (other than Audio-Realtek) for Win 7 is provided by manufacturer, Hopefully Everything should get detected automatically in Win7.
    Or Vista Drivers should be ok for windows 7 also (Most of the cases it does)!

    Let's hope for the best! If nothing works out, get ready to go back to XP/Vista, whatever you have now!
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