Weird Graphics card heating issue.

Well this never happened to me before, while using my radeon 9800 SE, soft modded with Omega drivers happily for half a year now, it suddenly overheats, I could smell it as I shut down the pc. But it turns out it wasnt the card. Every other video card I try in the PC overheats, I of course uninstalled the old drivers before the official new ones, but nothing works
Any help would be appreciated.

PIV LGA755 3.0 ghz
Kingston memory
Asus P5P800
Windows 2000 service pack 4 (sorry about the sparse spec info, Im not really sure what else is in this thing.)
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  1. short in the AGP port?

    Clean the port with a good air compressor. If that doesn't work, your mobo may be toast...

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  2. Ok thats a good suggestion, thats my worry thanks Ill try it
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