Gateway 340ua Abruptly Shuts Down After CPU Fan Replacement

The fan was noisy so I replaced it with one ex-ebay. The fan was the only issue with this laptop and it was quite dirty after removing it.

After re-assembly it had trouble booting up as it would just cut off power turning off. After about an hour I turned it on again and this time it run just fine for about 5 hours straight. I restarted it and boom shut of again at Starting Windows Stage.

Tried one more time and it booted to desktop before cutting off power and shutting down. I waited, restarted, it run for about 30 minutes and same behavior again. I observed the temp per speedfan at +/- 44C. It feels normal to the touch and the fan is spinning just fine.

I also noticed that the charger plugged in light did not come on again after re-assembly. However, I did verify that it is charging while in windows. I rechecked the power connector and it's tight. Besides what I have mentioned I am at the end of my wits and I am stumped as to what to do next to fix this abrubt shut issue.

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  1. sounds like something is not connected correctly. or maybe you crossed a connector somewhere. or even pinched a wire when putting it back together.
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