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I know the routine, someone posts a choice between two computers and people start suggesting other computers. But before anyone does that I have done my research, and it's down to two. So unless someone can point out an a10-4600m laptop with a 7670m on amazon for less than $800 then I am just looking to choose between these two.

Toshiba Satellite S855D-S5253

Lenovo IdeaPad Z585 261729U

I have tried to look for reviews, but everyone raves about both of these laptops. The price is great, but the toshiba is 5.3 lbs and the lenovo is 5.8 lbs. What I was really trying to find out is screen quality. I know they are both 1366x768 but can not find out the quality of the screens as some are better than others. So if anyone can help enlighten me on the screen quality of the two laptops it would really help me choose which one to get.

One last factor that is itching in the back of my head is Toshiba offers a 12 cell battery for purchase which would be nice.
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  1. Ya would highly prefer amazon as I can finance through them. Only reason I am even considering buying now instead of in a month or two.

    Plus I have an old netbook that I never use that amazon is going to give me a $75 gift card for.
  2. Oh I understand that the difference between a 7670m and 7660g is negligable at best, but both of these are identicle in specs, both having only the 7660g. My biggest concern was screen quality and build quality. As I am currently at work I can't just run out to a store to check them out till later tonight so was just seeing if anyone on TH had personal expierence with either of these that they could share.
  3. I'm also looking at these laptops. Tell which you buy if you chose to buy one. Isn't a 7670m crossfired with the 7660g much faster?
  4. qzyxya said:
    I'm also looking at these laptops. Tell which you buy if you chose to buy one. Isn't a 7670m crossfired with the 7660g much faster?

    Yes it is but it depends on if it's supported by the application and depends on driver support as well. But very few vendors offer that combination in the USA.
  5. oh thanks. What GPU/laptop would you recommend then? For like sub 700? I was originally leaning towards the Z585 with A10 7660m, but now Im towards the Y480 with 640m le. Is it a good deal for 600 bucks?
    ty again
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