New system won't boot, old HD with XP

Ok, I have build a new system for myself and plan on giving the old one to the kids. I would like to transfer the hard drive over to the new system. Because of the way XP looks at the hardware it won't boot.

I have tried booting from the Installation disks, I see a message saying it is gathering information then it goes to a blue 'Welcome to setup' screen (nothing esle displayed) but then it seems to hang there. I have pressed R for the repair console without any luck. Xp is definitly different from Win98.

I guess my 'HELP' guestion is 'do I have to do a completely new from scratch install to get this work'? I have 'Ghosted' the system so I can recover files later on through Ghost Explorer but it sure would be nice just to get the Hard drive to boot and not reinstall everything and put data files back in place.

I can put the HD back in the old system and get the message that Windows XP did not start correctly and click start normal and it boots back fine.

Your help and suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. It would be best to just do a clean install on the new computer. That way there are no files/drivers left from the old computer that may cause problems with the new one.
    Did you get a new hard drive for the old computer to replace the one you took out?
    I would just put the new hard drive in the new computer, do a clean install and then put the old hard drive from the old computer as the secondary and transfer the files over that you need. Then put the old drive back in old computer.
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    No I didn't buy any new HD was going to but found a 30 gig seating here. I had orginally replace it with a 100 gig just for the idea of having XP (and a good deal).IT was an entirely new hard drive and I let the XP disk format it, don't remember if I had to create the partitions with a Win98 boot disk. I do remember letting XP format it 'NTFS' to use the entire drive, probably did the partitioning the same way if it was possible ????.

    But the game plan was to put the 30gig in this P3-733 and put the 100gig into the P4-2.4. The 30gig still has Windows 98 on it I found out. I had actually forgot about it (if I remember right I wasn't trusting XP at first). But I have purchased a new version of XP for the upgrading for the kids. I do find XP much more stable (not that I did not have a glitch and had to 'Ghost' the drive (thank you Ghost)but that was long ago with very little problems. If I have to do a clean install I will use this new copy of XP-sp1.

    Would you believe that the XP installation disk is hanging at the 'Welcome to setup' due to the already installed version of XP? I toyed with the idea of using that 30 gig with windows98 to just test out the XP Installation disk on the New System to make sure the cd-rom is working correctly or if I have a system problem itself (probably not). Trying to pick your brain alittle for my problem.

    But thanks for your input and suggestion.
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