Need a DTR for some mobility

So i finally have some money put away for a new notebook that i can use for as a desktop replacement(or substitute in my case) while im on the go. I do play alot of games and i dont need to worry about the battery life because i wont need to run the laptop off battery power unless the power goes out, which is often in my area for about a half hour. I just need a good laptop for gaming since i can be gone from my desktop for a few days at a time. I am having trouble deciding between an MSI gaming notebook and Asus gaming notebook. I will still use the laptop while at home, just not as much as my desktop at home but alot while im not at home.

I have done some research but i cant seem to get a good answer as to which is better...

The MSI GT70 0NE


The Asus G75VW

The notebooks need:
Build Quality
Two Storage Bays
Good Display
Backlit Keyboard
Good Cooling
Good GPU
Good Warranty
and have a low fault tolerance

and just be an overall good notebook.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and looking into my dilemma. :)
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  1. Quote:
    None actually.
    1. The G75VW cooling is good, but that's its single real advantage.

    2. Specific games? why did you choose these two?

    3. overview of your options:

    1. So, does the msi notebook run slightly hotter than the asus one? What about sound quality? I've heard from both sides of the fence about the asus's sound quality... And what about the msi notebooks sound?
    2. Skyrim, BF3, Borderlands 2, Tf2, Just Cause 2, etc. I chose these notebooks because of the company popularity. Ive built my own desktop but I don't want to built my own laptop... Also, because they are practically the only prebuilt gaming laptops I have heard of. If you have another suggestion, I would greatly appreciate it.
    3. I'll check out the website as soon as I can get on a computer.
  2. Quote:
    1. The G75VW is the coolest even compared to others, but it also comes with the GTX 670M and not GTX 680M like in the GT7-0ND you chose. The difference can get as high as 80% in gaming performance..

    2. Check the site. The games you mentioned will run smoothly on highest settings with an 1200-1500$ laptop too.

    So my question is now, which notebook would you choose?
    The cooler running asus
    Or the
    Faster Msi?

    Btw, I have a decent cooler pad that I can use on the laptops since I will never use them off a desktop or desktop-like surface
  3. Quote:
    You need to ask yourself if you need the extra performance for the extra money?
    Personally, I'd wait and see what happens with the GTX 670MX and 675MX that should be out soon and if you really want to buy now - none of these.
    I'd go for one of the cheaper GTX 675M laptops or the Radeon 7970M which should be faster and is faster in many cases only AMD have drivers problems they are working on now.

    So, if im correct, the current 675m and 670m are rebadged 580m and 570m? and the new 675xm and 670xm are the new Kepler based mobile GPUs?

    And can you give a rough performance difference between the 675m and the 680m with the 675m as the reference?

    last, i dont like to buy AMD graphics cards due to their driver issues. I have a few friends who have owned AMD GPUs and have regretted the decision. (All im saying is i perfer not to take a chance especially since ive seen the damage first hand... nothing against AMD fans.)

    Overall I will wait to see how the 675xm and 670xm performance compares to the 680m but i think i will buy the MSI notebook because of its better quality overall. Asus is a great company and makes good products but i think the g75 doesnt compare very well to the GT70.

    Thanks for your help! :D
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