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My co-worker just asked me for a cheap laptop, but I am beyond cheap, I firmly believe that you get what you pay for, but she will not listen when I mention a $400 laptop, she says she doesn't want to spend more than $250. That's ludicrous to me, so I reach out to you community and ask, in the very recent past, have you seen any deals for a laptop (basically for a girl that wants to surf the web/download W8 apps) in the $250 range? I have searched, but to no avail. She's nuts, but she's stubborn, anything more than $285 and she freaks. :heink: Any cheapies out there I can reveal to her?
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  1. The best you can do is to try find a deal on a previous generation laptop
  2. Hi,

    + 1 on you get what you pay for

    but then for 285$ you will get a crappy netbook witch I don't recommend because they are usually slow and made cheap.

    But if your lucky enough you can get descent Asus laptop for about 400 - 500 $. Some model has 2 year warranty and they last longer than any other brand on the market.

    If she don't want to listens to people tips: tell her to buy whatever they want and regret it later :pt1cable:

    That's what I do with my costumers.
  3. Get a used or refurbished $200 machine and slap a $50-60 SSD in there so this girl won't complain that the computer boots slow or apps open slow. That's what I did for my kid's laptop.
  4. I showed her a $299 one on BBs website and she is more happy, but for $100 more, she can get a new one with a 2-yr warranty. She's a hopeless wreck in this, I am not going out of my way for all of this drama. Hehe.

    I appreciate everyone's help and advice very, very much.
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