Constant freezing when playing games

I have this major problem and I would appreciate any help here. I recently upgraded my old Geforce 4Ti4200 to a Geforce 6600GT. It ran fine for a while until it started freezing up constantly when playing games like NFSU2. Then I read somewhere there was a Nvidia core-chip problem with my batch of Geforce cards and was advised to RMA it, which I did. I just got back the card, but the same problem has now come back with a vengeance. I am at a loss as to what to do now.

My PC specs:
Intel P4 2.6 Ghz
Gigabyte i845PE mainboard
1024MB PC-2700 RAM
Generic 350W PSU
Albatron Trinity 6600GT
160GB Seagate HDD

Thanks in advance for any help rendered.
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  1. PSU, PSU, PSU.

    name brand, at least 400w. try it!

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  2. I will. Thanks!
  3. Update to this thread;

    I just got a new PSU, rated at 430w. Windows ran fine with no problems after installation, so I proceeded to test some games with the new graphics card (6600GT). The problem still exists, albeit only in certain games now, so I'm not certain its my PSU anymore.

    Games that worked (>1.5 hrs with no problems)
    - Starcraft
    - Empire Earth 2
    - Homeworld 2
    - World of Warcraft
    - Republic Commando
    - Half Life 2

    Games that did not work (Freezing)

    - Need for Speed Underground
    - Need for Speed Underground 2
    - Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

    Would appreciate any help!
  4. Ok, but what kind of PSU is it?

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  5. Its an old 430w ICute (probalby generic). I wanted to test out before plonking down S$160 ++ for a new PSU. I should think i have enough power cos its only connected to 1 DVD-ROM, 1 floppy, 1 HDD and the 6600GT. unfortunately.....
  6. A 500W Fortron Bluestorm will set you back "only" $90

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  7. Its not the cost of the PSU that worries me, rather, it is the, right now, very likely possibility of the problem not going away even if I get a 500w PSU. How come games like HL2, which presumbably takes up much more GPU power than NFSU2, will not hang and the latter game will? It just doesn't add up right.
  8. I'd imagine it's a driver problem with those games, you should ask around specifically on those game forums for help. Other users have probably had similar problems.

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    Constant freezing when playing games

    And your complaining! What is your secret, most people have problems with overheating....

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  10. I will! Thanks!
  11. agreed driver updates or maybe try to find out if they have some patches for those games.

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