I have put together an I7/930 on a EVGA SLI 3X Mobo. (non-clisified) w/ a EVGA 470 Graphics Card. OS is Win 7 64 bit. System booted fine. Bios set up OK. no overclocking. Downloaded up-dates (not all Up-dates would load through windows) had to load graphics from divice manager, did not take first time. Pulled Card and re-seated it. Re loaded up-dates from divice manager It worked fine for a while. Enternet explorer quit working could not load, minuts later screen turned pink system froze up. I shut it all down and restarted screen came up pink again faded and froze up again. I shut it down and have not tried again. Where do I start to trouble shoot this problem???
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Check the proper installation of CPU, GPU and RAM. I think that the problem is the RAM.
  2. Yea another idea is to use onbard graphics, take as much out of the equation then slowly start adding. Unfortunately It is hard to troubleshoot being that soo much can cause errors. I would also look at the RAM.
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