GeForce 6600 (AGP 8x)

Is the nVidia GeForce 6600 compatible with nVidia nForce2 400 SPP chipset? If not, what Video cards can I upgrade to?

Motherboard specs:

Model no : A7N8X-LA
Manufacturer: ASUS
Chipset : nVidia nForce2 400 SPP
nVidia MCP-T
Expansion Slots:
three PCI slots
one AGP 8x slot
Current video card:
nVidia GeForce4 MMX 440

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Yes it is.

    Is that chipset the one with on board video? If so make sure you set the Video output in the BIOS to AGP

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  2. Thanks Ned.
    I tried that. Set Video output to AGP then installed the new card but to no avail. Screen stays blank. Won't even go to BIOS. I tried uninstalling the old drivers and re-installed the new card. Same thing...nothing.
    Could it be the power supply? Min requirement for the card is a power supply having max 300W. Mine has 250W max. I've read on the other forums that people are able to run their new video cards with just 250...Any inputs on this?
    Thanks again for the reply.
  3. You still need to dissable the onboard video in the bios.

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  4. No matter what, I'd upgrade that 250w power supply tho. You're asking for trouble with that thing.

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  5. Not all power supplies are created equal. Just because someone else can "get by" with a 250W doesn't mean it will work for you. They may have the nicest 250W PSU ever made, your's may be a generic. You'll find a lot about this if you do some googling or look through THG and the forums.

    Basically, you want a name brand PSU, Antec, Fortron Source, several others (read some reviews) I'm getting a Blue Storm 500W for my new system, but you may not need one that big. Whatever you find, just check out some reviews or visit the Power Supply forum section in here.

    Make sure whatever you get is 12V 2.0 (24 pin PSU) Read this <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    You'll probably need a 24 pin to 20 pin adapter, the PSU you buy may come with one.

    Check out THG's PSU review here <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    That make fix your problem, or it may not. You can run the system on the old card, also an AGP card? Is this a 6600 or 6600GT? Who is the maker? Does it require external power?

    EDIT: Dumb question, but you have double-checked to make sure the card is sitting in the slot good, right? I wasted an hour once trying to diagnose a problem only to find the card got bumped when I put in a RAM stick and wasn't locked all the way in. Worked like a charm after that!

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  6. Thanks red.
    I will check out those links before I pick a new PSU.
    The GeForce 6600 (not GT) is made by PNY technologies. Yes its AGP not PCI express. And no it doesn't require external power.
    Yup its sitting good in the slot. Hahaha, that happend to me too when I switched the RAM stick to another slot...
    And the beeping after when I booted up actualy translates to the CPU saying, "Hey dummy open the case back up and put the Mem Stick in properly !"
  7. Yeah, it's probably a BIOS problem. You might want to update your BIOS if you haven't already. Then uninstall drivers for mx440 and install drivers for 6600 and try that. Have you tried the card in anyone elses machine? The card itself might be the problem. Are all the fans running on it? Maybe it has some safety mechanism if something isn't connected it won't work. Check all connections.

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  8. disable on-board video in BIOS

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  9. Your power supply may be the reason it won't boot. I'd borrow a buddy's power supply and try it before doing anything else.

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  10. One more thing you could try, if you have not already. In the bios, load the factory settings or defaults. Sounds stupid and all, but it has solved a similar problem for me, even when all setting looked right.
  11. make sure your monitor is plugged in to the video card you just installed and not the on-board video
  12. :lol: it works better that way.

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