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I am currently shopping for a replacement laptop for my wife, her top priority is battery life. unfortunatly every AD I see for any given laptop only gloats how many cells thier battery has but no one really wants to give any numbers as to how long thier laptops last.

I am seeing alot of Lithium Polymer batteries in higher end laptops. how long would an 8 cell battery last? is there anything that will give me a longer life span for the laptop in question ( my budget is $1000 and under)

I have very little experience in with laptops and what makes them go so any advice you can give me on what to look for would be appreciated.

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  1. You don't get numbers from the manufacturers, because it's highly dependent on what you are running on the laptop. Any CPU or graphics intensive program will shorten the lifetime. Even the display brightness setting is important. Search for laptop tests / comparisons on goggle. Battery lifetime under certain condition is typically part of the test.
  2. it's not smart to use battery life as a buying motive, as mentioned by noidea_77

    what you Can instead look for is a 85Wh (Watt Hour), or more, extended battery as an upgrade to whatever laptop you're looking into
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