Video resolution can't be changed!

I have a veeerrrryy strange thing going on here: my computer will now boot up only to 640 X 480 resolution, 4 bit color. I have tried changing the resolution from the Control Panel, and while it allows me to move the resolution slider up, it doesn't apply the changes: when the screen comes back up, it's exactly the same.
The Device Manager says my video card is working properly. I WAS able to fix the problem briefly by doing a System Restore, but after I shut down and rebooted...there it was again!
Video card is an MSI FX5600 XT. I'm running McAfee Internet Security 2005, which I THINK is the only thing that updated itself after I did the System Restore. Windows Update said the machine is current.
I humbly await your much-needed wisdom.
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  1. try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for your fx5600

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  2. I second the driver uninstall then reinstall.
  3. Interesting. I have exactly the same issue with a new MSI NX 6600GT AGP card. New Soltek 939 board, XP SP2, McAfee Internet Suite 7.0. Ran just fine for a week, then the 4 bit, 640x480 resolution. Reinstalled the driver (7125 version) with no effect. Didn't uninstall the driver though. One additional point is that the entire nVidia utility disappeared when the 4 bit situation came up. I'll try the uninstall/install route.
  4. this is my version of your story... not sure if the mobo has integrated gfx.. .but we'll assume that

    somehow, your nvidia drivers got corrupted (virus/human error), and the device is no longer usable. windows automatically switches to the integrated video controller on yoru mobo (thats why the nvidia utility dissapeared and your stuck with crapy resolution). so uninstall and reinstall the drivers and hopefully that'll fix the problem

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  5. Duh! Thanks, all--driver reinstall fixed the problem. Should have thought of it myself.
  6. Last time that happened to me the Mobo was toast.

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  7. You cannot fix the resolution of your computer by taking a hammer to your graphics card. I don't care how many people said they've tried it and worked for them.

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  8. Uninstalled the nVidia drivers and reinstalled 71.25. Everything is fine. Since, as the original post stated, the only update made to my system was the automatic McAfee update, I must assume that the culprit is related to that update. McAfee didn't seem to have any idea about the potential cause. BTW, the system has a Soltek K8TPro board, no integrated graphics, 2x512 dual channel RAM, MSI NX6600GT AGP 8x card, Win XP SP2 OS.
  9. oh, no integrated gfx. but once ur nvidia driver fails, it switches to the system driver

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