Which laptop? Any other suggestions in the general price range?

Hey guys
My price range is kind of vague, but it should be below $1200.
Preferred brand - Dell, but doesn't really matter.
Usage - Video Editing (Vegas Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc.), Gaming, and other performance apps. Also, the battery life should be decent (2+ hrs after optimization)
Preferred CPU - Core i5/i7 or AMD A10
Preferred GPU - 7730M or 630M or 640M. Might need Quick Sync for transcoding.
Preferred RAM - 6GB to 8GB.
Preferred HDD - 750GB to 1TB. 5400RPM or 7200RPM. No SSD.
Screen Size - 14-16 inch. Not 13, not 17.
OS - Doesn't matter, will Dualboot Linux and W7 Ultimate.
DVD Drive - Don't need BluRay.
Notebook/Ultrabook - Ultrabooks are overrated and overpriced.

Need one to last me a minimum of 2 or 3 years.
Color doesn't matter.

Will use cooling pad for high-load tasks.
Need decent touchpad.

Some options I have selected:-
Dell Inspiron 15R SE
HP Pavilion 15 dv6tqe (customized)
HP Pavilion 15 dv6z-7000 (customized)
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  1. ^ With laptop budgets above $1.1k you should just forget about Lenovo and common OEMs.

    Customised laptops are the way to go.

    I.e. Alienware or Clevo as I'll link below


  2. Alienware is ungodly expensive for what you get. I do, however, support clevo/sager ( www.sagernotebook.com ). Still, nothing wrong with Lenovo (or other decent OEMs).
  3. Actually, I live in India, so customized laptops are out for me. Also, I would prefer to keep it AT $1k, because of the exchange rates, and import taxes.
    I can think about customized - one of my classmates lives in Canada, so he can get it for me (we're close), but I would prefer not to.
    Also, weight and looks do matter to me. I'm taking the IB, so I need a comparatively light laptop to carry around, and preferably one that's easy on the eyes. It's not a desktop replacement, so I'm looking for something that does good Video Editing, but not overkill. A 660M is overkill. A 650M is not.
    Thanks anyway!
    An update:
    I've got a tentative choice - The Samsung Series 5 NP550P5C-S02IN or Samsung Series 5 NP550P5C-S01IN
  4. Get this one : Samsung Series 5 NP550P5C-S02IN . Reason being - more RAM. You'll want lots of RAM for rendering/video editing. The other reason is a faster processor.
  5. Yes, but I have to balance cost and productivity. What I was hoping for was a different laptop to compare.
  6. A quad-core processor will be up to (but perhaps not quite at) twice as fast as a dual core. Trust me, the money is worth it to go for an i7.
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