Which laptop is the best for gaming out of this list?

I want to buy a new laptop i want to run games like Skyrim and minecraft.
I made a list with some laptop i can buy. I want the best performance and it has to be cheap.

My budget is around 550-600 EURO I would like to stay under 550 but can go higher if needed.
NOTE: All these laptops have 4 gigs of ram or more.

Laptop 1 (500 euro) + a free copy of dirt 3.
CPU: amd a8-4500m quad core 1,9ghz
GPU: hd 7670m + hd 7640g they have some crossfire thing going on.

Laptop 2 (600 EURO)
CPU: amd a10-4600m quad core 2,3ghz.
GPU: hd 7670m, The cpu and gpu have some kind of dual gpu thing too.

Laptop 3 (590 EURO)
CPU: I5 2,5ghz with turbo boost up to 3,1ghz
GPU: gt630m

I would appreciate if someone would help me. Please note that i want to run minecraft at the highest settings with a framerate above 30fps and skyrim at medium or higher.
If you find a better laptop i can buy please let me see it. I don't want to order it from america. Let the shop be in europe.
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  1. I'd choose Laptop 3, the GT 630m is abit worse than the 7670m(if I'm right) but the i5 is far better than the A10-4600m.
  2. Yeah i know, But i want to buy a laptop with good performance and as cheap as possible.
    Do you know if i can run skyrim at medium and minecraft at high on laptop 1?
    Because if i can i don't see a point of getting the more expensive one.
    Because i'm saving some money to get a gtx 660 ti in my main pc.
  3. Depends on the resolution, I'm using a Radeon mobility 5650 and an i5 450m. I can easily say that with abit of overclocking on the graphics card 1366x768 on medium ish is doable.

    I can't speak for Minecraft though, never played it.
  4. I can get a laptop with an i5 at 3,1ghz (turbo boost) And a hd7670m.
    I suppose i can get this one and play skyrim on it right?
  5. I can't answer that because I've never seen a laptop with the HD 7670m. Sorry.
  6. Ah, ok. Thanks for your help though :)
  7. teunnk said:
    Ah, ok. Thanks for your help though :)

    hi, i saw this thread and thought i could help.

    while the i5 is better, the 7670m can still run most things fine(my friend has a laptop with one, and it works very well, even BF3)

    i dont have experience with the A8 and A10(my laptop has an A4,which is average), but i have a 7690m, the next model up.
    i can run Minecraft at 70FPS on high, running 40 mods and a 128x128 texture pack, so the 7670m should get at least 50-60 FPS.
    as for skyrim, i havnt played it so i dont know.

    hope this helps
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