Choosing a Laptop (Re-vised)

Well I've been looking at laptops for future use as this 200$ emachines laptop that has lasted me 3-4 years needs to retire soon, there have been a couple of things I can do...

1. Wait 6 months or so for the next generation processor with those lovely intel hd graphics on Haswell being as great as dedicated cards Edit (SOME)

2.Buy a laptop now

The laptops Ive looked at

Lenovo Y580 = Best speced laptop ive seen with the best price included
Macbook Pro 13 = Gestures, OS, just love the OS, alright specs (Will be doing light gaming every now and then, wont be playing something like Crysis 2 lol)
Macbook Pro 13 Inch retina = RUMOR could be fake, price range im estimating is between 1300$ - 1700$

Other things I can do

1. Wait for the next processor and wait for it to come on the macbook 13 inch and easily have a great card

What do you guys think about it anyways? Waiting for Haswell since the graphics cards are supposedly better.
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  1. Hi :)

    You ARE kidding about number 1 , I hope..... ever used HD Graphics to play a game on a lappy ??? I would rather watch paint dry... its faster lol

    All the best Brett :)
  2. O FINE on par with some Dedicated graphics cards like a few of the NVEDIA GT series
  3. Hi :)

    Buy a laptop with a PROPER card and its years ahead of HD graphics...and costs more of course....

    Why do you think a GAMING lappy starts at around £1500....(and they dont have HD graphics lol)

    All the best Brett :)
  4. HIGH specs or Mac OS X

    those are my choices ._.

    but ya youre right if i go with the high specs my computer will be future-proofed
  5. My opinion for what it's worth -- get the Mac
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