MSI MEGA SFF have enough juice for an AIW X800XL?

I have an MSI MEGA 865 SFF that I use for watching and recording TV, and gaming (my ultimate goal is to hook up a projector to watch movies and play games on a big screen). It has an 865 chipset, 2.8 P4 Northwood, 2x512 PC3200 memory, Samsung 120GB SATA HD, MSI 8x DVD-RW, 250W FSP PSU, and (currently) ATI AIW 9600XT video card.

I was thinking about switching out the 9600XT AIW with an X800XL AIW. However, I am concerned that my tiny rig does not have enough power. The X800XL AIW specifies at least a 300W PSU. Using an online wattage calculator, it seems like my system is already pulling 250W. DO you think I can make this switch successfully? Do you know if I can upgrade my PSU with a similar smaller sized model? I've looked seemingly everywhere and cannot find retailers that offer SFF power supplies.

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  1. If it's a quality 250W they put in there you'd do fine as long as it doesn't overheat (common SFF issue) because it would be underrated (or rated at 40C as some are instead of room temp), but if it's at all weak, and really is 250W at room temp, then likely not.

    Look at the powerdraw in Guru3D's review (239 under load w/ AMD64 4000+ , 2x256mb, 2HDs, DVD-ROM);
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