X850xt PE vs X800xt

Help please! I am trying to decide whether to purchae an OEM version of the X800xt or go a X800XT Platinum.

I am mostly going to be carrying out HD video encoding rather than game playing and am trying to work out if the extra power in the X850 is worth it for an extra £100.

I would also consider paying the extra if I am future proofing my investment, but something better will most likely be along in a year's time anyway.

I keep on deciding on one and then reading something on the net which makes me go for the other one and then ten minutes later I am back to my original choice. So any advice will be really welcome.
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  1. Unless you're playing games, it won't make a lick of difference.

    You could buy a cheep X300 and get the same video encoding performance as an X850XT, the video card does not assist in encoding video...

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  2. Thanks Cleeve for your response.
  3. Either means squat for encoding, you'd might as well pick up an X300, or a 6200 with onboard RAM (not turbocache).

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  4. Most x800xt can do xtpe easily.

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  5. Gone for a X850 PE as I managed to find one for a reasonable price.
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