1721 Laptop Flashing Cap/scroll solid num

Currently I have a Dell 1721 , 17" inch 2007 inspiron model, blinking caps/scroll (num lock solid). This apparently refers to the memory chips seating. I had this computer from a customer, reseat the chips, replaced them, computers good, next day, same thing, but i cant get it going again.

Since I can't find a confirmed (this is seating, prehaps its power supply or something else), I have an extra power supply , memory, reseated the chips about 120 times, single, used over 6 ddr2 chips.

They all work fine in a dell laptop 1521. Am I missing something, doing this for some great people, but I cant seem to get it to go.

I had the computer turn on once.


is it possible I c ould get this led combo for a loose cpu?

Thanks guys, im kinda excited to hear back from you guys.s
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  1. Any ideas
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