Display resets itself at boot time after system crash


I had my windows 7 system crash due to some Daemon Tools problem.
I booted in safe mode, found out about Daemon Tools being the problem, uninstalled it and the system restarted booting normally...
...apart that it always boot with the display resolution set to 800*600

I can set the Display Resolution in Control Panel but it's reset to 800*600 when I log out.

Any Idea where to look?
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    Remove and then reinstall your video driver.
  2. I am trying but my PC is a few years old and I struggle to find the drivers for Windows 7.
    I'll keep trying! :)
  3. List your system specs and I'll track it down.
  4. The_Prophecy said:
    List your system specs and I'll track it down.

    Thanks for the offer and sorry for the delay.

    My desktop is a Dell Dimension E520, the screen is Dell 2007 WFP.
    According to Control Panel / Display / Advanced Settings, the Adapter Information is
    Chip Type: ATI Radeon Graphics Processor (0x7183)
    DAC Type: Internal DAC (400MHz)
    Adapter String: 256Mb ATI Radeon X1300Pro
    Bios Information: 113-AA67626-107
  5. Somehow, I don't seem able to remove the (dodgy) video driver completely.

    I initially had a Dell supplied driver (I think), uninstalled it, rebooted but when I logged on, the system automatically re-installed a video driver looking through "the preconfigured driver software"...

    I tried to install the ATI driver on top without rebooting but that did not fix anything.

    If I now look at the driver info again, the Adapter details are pretty much the same, although the Adapter String now is
    Radeon X1300/X1550 Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)
    instead of
    256Mb ATI Radeon X1300Pro

    Clicking on "Properties" / "Driver", it says
    Driver Provider: ATI Technologies Inc.
    Driver Date: 24/04/2009
    Driver Version:
    Digital Signer: Microsoft Windows

    That does not sound like a driver for Windows 7, does it?
  6. In the end, it worked just as I had decided to give up for today...

    I tried various things but I think it was something like
    - booting in safe mode
    - uninstalling the driver
    - rebooting in safe mode
    - the automatic install of driver happened again but I installed the latest driver before booting again and that seemed to have done the trick...

    Many thanks for your help :D
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  8. hello eric
    It s ur prossesor probelem which type of pross... u use change another prosso..... ok
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