How to get TV on computer with U-verse

I have a Toshiba L650 series laptop (Windows 7 Pro) and two wireless U-verse TV boxes. The TV's the boxes are attached to are too big to move around, but I would like to watch TV in my sewing room. Is there any way I can attach one of the wireless boxes to my laptop and use the laptop like a TV when I am in my sewing room?
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  1. this is more of a question if your laptop has any video input capabilities to allow it to be used as a screen. Most do not allow you to use your laptop as a screen.

    You can pick up a monitor (or tv if you will) for relatively cheap to use as a screen.
  2. I had to look up what u-verse was, but it depends if it will output TV through anything but a coaxial cable (*Edit* i.e. it can stream TV over ethernet, I don't think it will let you watch through HDMI or other inputs now that I think about it). If it will, then you should be good to go(although I do not know the exact details of doing it), if not, your laptop would need a TV Tuner card.
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    TV or video capture card(usb device).
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