Notebook acer espire one wont boot windows xp

i have tried everything but my acer aspire one wont run windows xp. i tried using f8 and attempted safe mode, safe mode with command prompt....basically every option available. please help if you can :). no matter what i attempt all i get is the windows xp screen attempting to load and nothing else.
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  1. put xp cd in cd drive
    run xp installation
    when u reach partition
    a massage will appear to repair xp
    press R
    a dos black screen will appear
    1 c/windows/system32
    type 1
    press enter
    then type fix boot
    then fix mbr
    then enter
    then fix ntdlr
    wait until repairing is complete
    then restart cmputer
  2. Hi :)

    Umm DID the netbook come with XP on it originally ???

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Hello I am having this problem as well with my Acer Travelmate 5610. It came with Vista but XP is supported according to Acer. I did a clean install with XP. Everything is fine on start, WindowsXP logo with moving bar works. When this finishes, however, the screen goes black. Same happens with external display.

    WinXp is installed. If I press the power button the hdd activity light flashes and a few seconds later the laptop shuts off. I also was able to update my BIOS blindly with a usb flash drive which was tricky, but it shows the updated version in BIOS.

    I'm assuming this is a driver issue but it's weird. Resolution is set to 640X480 at 16 colors with 60hz to have it the lowest settings possible. I'm a very saaaad panda right now.

    I tried above fix. No such thing as "fixntldr" or fixntdlr as suggested with no luck. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  4. FIXED: I took out one stick of RAM leaving it with 2gigs and it worked. -_- Thanks
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