Leadtek Geforce 6800GT Issues

I recently purchased a Geforce 6800GT by Leadtek. It worked fine for about 5 minutes until I got really bad color distortion when gaming and it rebooted my computer.. I eventually got the box stable with 1 stick of 256 meg PC2100 but now that won't run stable either. Even in BIOS all the text is distorted and I can only read about half of whats on the screen. Windows will not boot up normally and in safe mode all my colors are somewhat distorted, its like yellow lines across the screen. I put an old GF3 Ti 200 in it and it works fine. My motherboard is a Shuttle AN35N-Ultra and i'm using 2x512 Corsair ValueSelect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. There was a huge bad batch of cards from leadtek and chaintech, a while ago, i'm not sure if you got 1 of those, but if you did it's RMA time. First try reseating the card and make sure heatsink is contacting the core, and if you can get into windows tell us what temperature is it at.
  2. what about your power supply. what's the wattage and voltage?
  3. I'm using an Antec 380W TruePower PSU. I have also tried a 350W Enermax and a 500W Generic PSU.
  4. UPDATE:

    I have tested the video card in 3 different computers and I am having the same problem in all of them. Looks like i'm going to have to RMA it for a replacement. Thanks for the help all.

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  5. Ahh well, too bad, I thought those batches were all gone, but looks like still some left on the market.
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