Sony laptop model pcg 7184L won't POST or boot up

My Sony Win 7 laptop suddenly won't restart. I was just using it, powered it down, ate dinner, and then went to bring it back up. It powers on, but all I get is the Viao logo for a couple of seconds and then the cursor flashes twice. That's it. I'm like WTF . . .

I've had this unit for a little over two years, never any problems. any ideas? Maybe a CMOS battery or something ?

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    Does it stay powered on with only a curser or does it shut off then? If it shuts off, I'm going to venture, airflow/overheating issues. Has the laptop ever been disassembled and cleaned out? If not, after two years I would expect some dust bunnies residing within. A good cleaning may go a long way here. An easy way to check is, when you power on the unit, can you feel airflow from 3-4" from the exhaust vent. I did have a fan go out on a Vaio that was about two years old so that could've happened also.
    I wouldn't think that the CMOS battery would be dead after only 2 years but replacing it may help (especially if you've aleady taken it apart to clean thoroughly).
    There could easily be other issues but that is where I would start here.
  2. Thanks C12, I'll take your advice on the Sony Viao and clean this thing.

  3. C12, I am going to clean the Viao but I forgt to mention in my reply that the unit is not powering down. It's been years since I've seen it, but I'm afraid I'm looking at a 2012 version of the BSOD. All I get is a grayish blue display after the cursor flashes a couple of times. I left it on overnight and I still had the blank gray/blue dsplay this a.m.

    Thanks again,
  4. Do/did you have any external devices plugged into the laptop? Try with everything external unplugged. (if not applicable, NM)
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